At the College of Kink you can dip your toes into the waters or dive in – it's all up to you. The College of Kink is where you can come to learn about this deliciously erotic realm and at the same time get that tiny bite or luscious meal of kink that you desire. Come watch one of our hot, live demonstrations or take one of our multimedia or live classes (where you can just watch and listen, or actively participate - your choice) You can even become a genuine student and graduate and get a BOINK diploma (a Bachelor of Arts in Kink)!

If you plan to take more than one class or visit the university multiple times, you may want to attend a Student Whorientation at the Libertine Lounge Student Union. At your Whorientation you can get more information about the courses and also get a Student ID Stamp, which will facilitate your entry for future classes, demonstrations, and parties.

For each course at the 200 level or higher in which you actively participate, you can optionally receive a Course Stamp. If you plan to earn a PoFU degree, your Course Stamp will be your proof of having taken the course.

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